Golf Bags: Your Best Friend on the Field

Trust me, you need a golf bag. If you’re out on Sunday afternoons, swinging away your worries and having fun on the field, you need to keep your belongings and equipment somewhere safe and protected. Much like how your gym bag keeps your clothes and other important gym equipment secured, this particular type of bag is designed to ensure that all your precious items are together and in place. The pockets and material are engineered to be able to hold all the clubs, golf balls, and even shoes to safety. If you’re planning to buy your first bag, read on and we’ll discuss the various type for your reference.

Golf bagsThe most popular type of golf bags is the staff bag. This type is carried around by professionals and popular players during tours. They are usually the sleekest looking types, with the logos displayed largely on the sides. The staff bag is considered as the most expensive and luxurious of all the types, given the huge design, leather material, and excellent stitching. However, it’s also the heaviest, due to the many functions and room it contains. The staff bag makes up for it heaviness with its excellent material, roominess, and beautiful design.

Carry bags, meanwhile, do not have that star-quality material that you can find in golf players, but they provide ample protection for you equipment as well. As indicated by its name, these are designed to be carried around while players are on the course. Carry bags are also the lightest type of golf bags found in the market. While it may not provide large storage space for your equipment, you may be delighted at its light weight. This is also why there’s a need to cut down on the storage – to be able to maintain it’s carryability while on the field.

A special type of carry bags is known as Stand Bags. Similar to carry bags, these are lightweight variants. However, there are pullable metal stands on its base that enable it to be upright. The stands are also ideal to maintain the proper form of the bag while being fumbled with the equipment. The metal rods act as a stabilizer in place of the clubs. This is perfect for golfers who like to walk around the course instead of riding around in a golf cart. Additionally, this type of golf bags is also equipped with shoulder straps for proper weight distribution.

Cart bags are another type of golf bags. These are primarily designed for users who frequently use a golf cart. Unlike carry bags, these are designed to be installed with a cart to be used properly. They are also considerably lighter, as compared to the other type of bags. Its base is also designed so it wouldn’t slip off the cart while travelling. By using rubber grip, it maintains its position in the cart and avoids rolling off the course. The cart bags are designed for usage while strapped on the cart. Its pockets and zips are installed in such a way that it can be handled and found easily.

To ensure that your bags are safely kept, you may also opt to buy a travel bag cover. This protects your exposed clubs and bags while you’re traveling. Additionally, it includes padding to protect it from unexpected bumps along the road, as well as wheels for easier transport. This goes perfectly well for golfers who travel a lot.

When buying golf bags, it is important to know the kind of golfer you are. Are you the type who likes rolling around in a golf cart, or who prefers to walk on the field? By knowing this, you can get an idea of which type is perfect for you.

Is Social Media The End of Web Design?


Right now there are millions of businesses and entrepreneurs that have taken away the notion of having a website. They don’t have a steady URL and those that do have a domain name register are either parking it or they are forwarding people to their social media sites. Some pundits are talking about how this is marking the end of web design, and it really isn’t true. What you’ll find is that it’s just another component that people have to utilize for promotional consideration and beyond. If you want to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, you’re going to want to look at how design has changed and has integrated with social networking. If you’re one of the many people that don’t have a website for your business, you are losing out on a lot of traffic and interest. It’s for that reason that you should look at how web design is an important part of your overall business protocol moving forward.

Social Media is Limited

web-designFirst and foremost, you need to know that social media is limited to a lot of different things that you can do. Yes, you can share updates, and communicate with others on the fly, but you cannot change the style and status too much. When you look at web design, you could have custom elements and even have shopping cart solutions integrated into what you’re writing. Otherwise, you will have a limited amount of space and traffic that you can utilize. Social sites are good, but you will not be able to edit the code, or even have shell access in many cases. You can’t do a lot of the same things that you can do with a custom solution, and while you may have a good presence on these pages, you will not have your own URL unless you register a domain name and then forward it. Even if you were to forward people to your social networking page, you will see that it’s not going to promote the right elements overall. Your page will have a limited reach, and your navigation will get hindered as well. If you want to have pr
oper design elements in place, you will need to move past this notion that you just need a social site.

The Copyright Issue

One of the biggest things that you need to understand about social media today is simple, the copyright issue is alive and well. The things that you’re posting online through these arenas aren’t always your own. Yes, you could say that they are your own, but if you read the terms of service, you will realize that anything that you put up can be and will be used against you or perhaps even registered before you are able to copyright it on your own. Many people think that they are safe behind social networks, but that’s not true. If you have a website, however, you could put in lines of code that prevent people from hot sharing, stealing, and reposting your images, content, and more. Not only that, you have a lot more control as to what you’re sharing and how you’re sharing when you have your own customized website.

No Censors

If you’re dealing with an adult oriented website, you’re going to want to move away from social media. Social media censors a lot of things, and even if you were to put up that you’re an “adult” themed page, you will still have to deal with censors based on words, updates, and status. If you want to have perfect freedom in terms of web design and publishing, you will want to go with custom solutions as they will not censor you at all. If you are not ok with censorship, then there should be no reason to utilize social media as your sole website solution. You can get ultimate freedom to run your business or personal profile on your own if you hire a designer to build your page the right way.


No matter what company you’re in, or you’re promoting, you will find that there is a professionalism that comes within the world of web design. When you have a custom site and your own URL, you will find that you are going to look more like a professional in your field rather than a hobbyist. It’s easy to look like an amateur when you hand someone your card and it’s not showcasing the contact information that they are expecting. If you just give someone a URL that is social media, you are going to look foolish when it comes to professionalism online. You want to look professional, even if your site isn’t expertly designed.

The aforementioned things should highlight the reason why you need to hire a professional designer to build a custom solution overall. Do not focus on setting up a page without understanding that design is not dead. Web design is not going to die, while social networks may see a decline as people are getting tired of the same old boring updates and routine that is starting to get tired in a lot of ways. Don’t listen to anyone that says design is dying, because it’s not.